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MMD Pandora hearts Alice model DL by Blackrabbit1234
MMD Pandora hearts Alice model DL
I finally finished these models and I wanted to put them up for download :D (Big Grin)  OKAY ! I wanted to make an Alice model that almost looks like the Alice from the pandora hearts Manga not the anime ...The first model is in her current form the second model ..well I just felt like dressing her up like that I am a dummy!  the Third Alice is how she looked in the past Meow :3 I added these models a mother bone,groove bone and second upper bone along with some few that i can't remember there names Icon Sonic Boom 

IF you used her I would love to see your work Love……
Also before you use her Please Read the "read me" in the file Neptune Smiling Icon 
Base by CyberStep,Inc,MintoRin,Hiji-K and Balletjen
Face by TDA And L13-Kanon
Hair by Montecore and Xoriu
Bangs by TDA and Zenimoonchild
IA bangs by Waltervd and charuko's
Shirt by tehrainbowllama
Skirt by tehrainbowllama
Overskirt by tehrainbowllama
Bracelet by tehrainbowllama
Bow by Minamimoto777
Boots by Amiamy111
braid by G123u
Top by azngirlJD
Skirt by tehrainbowllama
shoes by Theshadowman97 and IMs
skirt by Tehpuroisen
shirt by tehrainbowllama
boots by 2234083174
Chibi Zelda Models[Normal style] Download by Blackrabbit1234
Chibi Zelda Models[Normal style] Download
It's the first time doing chibi models :3 and Im glad they came out great ^^  I added them a groove bone,motherbone and 2 upperbone ! :D  Yes thses are Chibi Link,Chibi Dark Link and Chibi RavioMeow :3  But this is them dressed in there normal style ! Love 

Okay now these models already come with there animal ears on SO if you want them off just go to 'Other Facial' Select ears/animal off or what ever name I put them under and the ears will will come off :D (Big Grin)  There Hylian  ears also have facial expression La la la la  you just have to find it under the  "brow' and 'other' facial  Sweating a little... 

Yes you can Edit them ! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6]  Please read the "Read me " in the file before you used them Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Eyes) [V6] 

Preview on how they work

IF you use them please let me know I would love to see you're work Meow :3  but you don't have to if you don't want to :) (Smile) 

Base by Shioku-990
Head by MeinuKurai
Spa by Yukari-Yuzuki-Love
Skin texture by Yukari-Yuzuki-Love
Ears by TheMikuDancer
Hair by Idolmaster
hair texture by Xoriu
Shirt by Stylc
Shorts by Green-Fighter
shoes by Sims3Ripper,Pixicat and Electronic Arts
hair texture by Xoriu
Tail by TehPuroisen
Fox Ears by Zenimoonchild
Shirt by Deiroko
Cat ears and tail by TehPuroisen
Hoodie by Syusya
Bunney tail and ear byTehPuroisen


just A girl who Likes making MMD videos, Models and drawing sometimes :)

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